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Durham Law School


Dr Andy Hayward, LLB(ELS) LLM PGCAP PhD

Assistant Professor in Durham Law School
Director of External Relations, Durham Law School
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 42808
Fax: +44 (0) 191 33 42801
Room number: PCL126

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Andy joined Durham Law School in 2009 as a lecturer and academic researcher. Andy has a doctorate entitled ‘Judicial Discretion in Ownership Disputes over the Family Home’ (supervised by Professor Lorna Fox-O’Mahony). The thesis was examined by Judge Elizabeth Cooke and Professor Nicholas Hopkins (Law Commissioner for England and Wales responsible for the Property, Family and Trust Law Team). According to the examiners, the thesis provided a ‘scholarly, careful and fresh analysis’ of the function and structure of judicial discretion deployed within the context of ownership disputes over the family home. Andy also holds first class degrees from the University of Durham (LLB (ELS) involving an ERASMUS year at the bilingual University of Fribourg in Switzerland) and the University of Cambridge (LLM). He has completed the Postgraduate Certificate of Academic Practice (PGCAP). 

In Epiphany term 2015, he was a Visiting Scholar at the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge and Bye-Fellow at Robinson College, Cambridge. 

Current Research

Andy’s research focuses on the historical and modern regulation of adult relationships. In particular, he is interested in the property consequences generated by formalised (marriage and civil partnership) and non-formalised (cohabitation and home-sharing) relationships. His work in this area on 'family property' explores the process of 'familialisation of property law' and how the concept of family property finds expression in ownership disputes over the family home. He is also interested in the historical development of the common intention constructive trust.

In addition, Andy is currently researching the reform of registered partnerships from a domestic and comparative family law perspective. He co-organised a major international family law conference in July 2015 (with Dr Jens M. Scherpe from the University of Cambridge). This project brought together leading experts, policy-makers and practitioners from over 15 jurisdictions with a view to interrogating the future of registered partnerships. Further details of this project are available here 

Postgraduate Research Supervision

Andy has supervised several postgraduate research students in the fields of Family Law and Equity. Previous research projects include the meaning of ‘needs’ in the granting of Financial Orders, reform of divorce law and the legal recognition of prenuptial agreements. He welcomes research proposals from students in the areas of trusts of the family home, Equity and Family Law.

Teaching and Administrative Responsibilities

Andy is module convenor for Family Law, lectures the trusts of the family home component of the Equity course and teaches on the Land Law course. He also received the University Excellence in Learning and Teaching Award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to teaching at Durham.

In addition to his teaching commitments, he is Director of External Relations, has responsibility for maintaining connections with alumni and also administers Prizes and Scholarships within the Law School.

Research Interests

Family Law (especially the Legal Regulation of Formalised and Informal Adult Relationships)

Comparative Family Law

Legal History (especially the History of Family Law)

Trusts and Equity

Property Law


Selected Grants

  • 2016: Economic and Social Research Council Impact Mentoring Scheme Grant - £750.00
  • 2016: Society of Legal Scholars Research Grant - £459.00
  • 2014: Society of Legal Scholars Research Grant - £1,096.00
  • 2013: 'Trusts of the Family Home and the Frontiers of Family Property: Domestic and Comparative Perspectives' - The Modern Law Review Seminar Series - £2,870


Book review

Chapter in book

Doctoral Thesis

  • Hayward, A (2013). Judicial Discretion in Ownership Disputes over the Family Home. PhD: 265.

Journal Article

Other (Digital/Visual Media)

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  • Hayward, A (2009). Cohabitation in England and Wales: Lessons from Ireland? Human Rights in Ireland


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