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Durham Law School


Dr Vincenzo Bavoso, LLB (Italy); Admitted to Bar (Italy); LLM (Manchester); PhD (Manchester); PGCert (Kingston)

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Research Associate in the Durham Law School

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Dr Vincenzo Bavoso was appointed as Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Durham Law School and in the Institute of Hazard Risk and Resilience (IHRR) in June 2013. He is currently working on Work Package Two of the "Tipping Points" Project where he is conducting multidisciplinary research on the financial crisis in the banking sector.

Previously he was a lecturer in law at Kingston University where he taught in the areas of Company, Commercial and Financial Law. In 2012 he was awarded a PhD in Corporate and Financial Law from the University of Manchester where he also taught Company Law as an associate lecturer. Between March and September 2013 Vincenzo was involved in the review of the OECD finance instruments, a project commissioned to the University of Edinburgh.

Prior to his move to academia Vincenzo was a practising lawyer in Italy and then a legal counsel in Monaco and in the UK.
His main research interests lie in the areas of Corporate Law, Corporate Governance, Structured Finance and Financial Regulation.


In the context of the "Tipping Points" Project, Vincenzo is looking at the role of law and legal institutions in preventing financial crises and limiting systemic risk in financial markets. This specific enquiry draws from the different institutional and regulatory failures that occurred during the Global Financial Crisis.

Beyond this, Vincenzo is developing part of the work conducted in the context of his doctoral degree into more focused research. This follows two research strands, and in particular it explores specific issues of Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation.

In December 2013 Vincenzo presented a paper at the Conference for the Sustainable Companies project, held at the University of Oslo.

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Selected Publications

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Journal papers: academic

  • Bavoso, Vincenzo (2014). Sustainable Companies through Enlightened Boards: Combining Private and Public Interest in the Decision-Making of Large Public Firms. European Company Law 12(2).
  • Bavoso, Vincenzo (2013). Book Review “Governance of Global Financial Markets: The Law, the Economics, the Politics” by E. Avgouleas CUP 2012. Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation 28(4): 166-169.
  • Bavoso, Vincenzo (2013). Financial Innovation and Structured Finance: The Case of Securitisation. Company Lawyer 34(1): 3-12.
  • Bavoso, Vincenzo (2013). HSH v. UBS – Lessons from New York. Journal of International Banking and Financial Law 28 (6): 377-379.
  • Bavoso, Vincenzo (2012). Book Review “The Future of Financial Regulation” edited by I. MacNeil & J. O’Brian, Hart 2010. Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation 27(10): 439-440.

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  • Avgouleas, Emilios & Bavoso, Vincenzo (2013). The Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development – Study on its Standard-Setting Role and Legal Acquis. University of Edinburgh School of Law – Scottish Centre for International Law.

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