Durham University

Institute of Advanced Study

Is Water Good for Our Health? Public Seminar

A joint seminar hosted by the Durham Forum for Health and the Institute of Advanced Study, Durham University

3rd June 2010 - 5.00 Arrival and Tea and Coffee, 5.30 Start, Hot Buffet at 7.30

Penthouse Suite, Collingwood College, Durham University

Water is said to be good for us. Is that always the case? Flooding seems to be on the increase; what are its impacts on health? The composition of water may be altered by addition or subtraction of chemicals; how far should this go and could money be saved by less purification of water? Could health be improved by the widespread addition of substances which are good for us?

This public event, the finale of the Institute's programme under its 2009-10 annual theme 'Water' will discuss these and other issues raised by an expert panel of speakers who will tackle major and controversial issues in an engaging way.  There will be ample opportunity for audience participation.


Welcome : Professor Ash Amin, Executive Director, Institute of Advanced Study, Durham University

Seminar Chair: Dr Sarah Pearce, Chairman, Durham Forum for Health

Sir Derek Wanless - Chairman, Northumbrian Water: "The value of clean water. Good health? Good economics?"

Professor Sarah Curtis, Durham University: " Water: its ambivalent relationship to health and health care"

Dr John Bridgeman, Birmingham University: "Bugs or By-products? Getting the balance right in water treatment"

Discussion followed by Hot Buffet

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