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Durham University

Sea Level Research Unit (SLRU)

Sea Level Data

North West Scotland modern diatom dataset (2013)

Available for download (below) is the north west Scotland modern diatom training set presented by Barlow et al. (2013). It comprises 215 samples from nine tidal flat - salt marsh - upland sites along the western and northern coasts of Scotland (as detailed in the first tab of the file and in the paper). Zong and Horton (1999) originally published data from 15 modern samples from Tramaig Bay on Jura and Kentra Moss in Kentra Bay, though we have added additional samples from the original Jura and Kentra Bay surveys (Shennan et al., 1995, and unpublished). To allow for tidal range differences between we apply a standardised water level index (SWLI) equation, as detailed in the first tab.

If using this data, please cite:
Barlow, N.L.M., Shennan, I., Long, A.J., Gehrels, W.R., Saher, M.H, Woodroffe, S.A. & Hillier, C. (2013) Salt marshes as late Holocene tide gauges. Global and Planetary Change. 106 p90-110.