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Durham University

Sea Level Research Unit (SLRU)

Ice sheet contributions to sea-level change

This combines field-based evidence, from terrestrial and oceanic records, and numerical modeling to constrain the contributions of past and present ice sheets. Our research covers different timescales, from interglacial (100kyr) full-LGM (multi-10kyr), Holocene (10kyr), Neoglacial (1kyr), and historical (100 yr) and implications for (regional) projections of future sea level change.

Recently we have begun to extract sea-level data from salt marshes in ice-marginal locations in Greenland and the Canadian Arctic which constrain ice sheet and glacier fluctuations during the last millennium. Knowledge of the past behaviour of ice sheets and ice caps is important if we are to place current rapid changes in a meaningful long-term context, and bridge the gap between geological and recent timescales of observation.

Selected Publications

Long, A.J., 2009.  Back to the future: Greenland's contribution to sea-level change. GSA Today, 19, 4-10.

Long, A.J., Roberts, D.H., Simpson, M.J.R., Dawson, S., Milne, G.A. & Huybrechts, P., 2008.  Late Weichselian relative sea-level changes and ice sheet history in southeast Greenland. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 282, 8-18.

Long, A. J., Woodroffe, S. A., Milne, G. A., Bryant, C. L. Wake, L, M., 2010.  Relative sea-level change in West Greenland during the last millennium. Quaternary Science Reviews, 29, 367-383.