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Sea level and coastal change QRA research group (SLaCC)


Below is a list of the titles of oral presentations and posters presented at the 2016 SLaCC Whitby meeting, listed by the presenting author.

Oral Presentations
Nick Rosser (Invited Speaker) Insights from a decade of monitoring coastal rockslope erosion
Steven Palmer Developing a combined approach for quantifying cliff erosion along a dynamic stretch of coastline in south Devon & Dorset, England
Andrew Colenutt Interpretation of coastal and marine data for coastal instability risk management, geological and substrate mapping
Saskia De Vilder Mechanical Controls on coastal cliff rock failure
Martin Hurst (Invited Speaker) Deriving long-term rates of sea cliff retreat using cosmogenic 10Be
Emma Vann Jones Using microseismic cliff ground motions to explore environmental controls on coastal rock cliff erosion
Ken Pye How important is sea level rise for soft cliff erosion on the coast of northeast England?
Andy Barkwith Exploring the sensitivity of soft sediment coastlines to changes in wave climate and sediment availability
Alex Bellis The North East Coastal Monitoring Programme - data, analysis techniques and significant findings
Jess Benjamin Regional-scale variations in rockfall activity along a hard rock coast
Zuzanna Swirad Monitoring mm-scale erosion of shore platforms using Structure-from-Motion
Roland Gehrels A global late Holocene sea-level reconstruction
Matthew Brain The influence of sediment compaction on late-Holocene relative sea-level changes along the North-American Atlantic coast
Sarah Woodroffe Saltmarsh record of 20th century mass balance changes in southeast Greenland
Louise Best Late Holocene Sea-Level Change and the Groundwater Resource, Humber Estuary, UK
Ivan Haigh (Invited speaker) 100 years of coastal flooding in the UK: a spatial and temporal analysis
Aimee Slangen Anthropogenic forcing dominates global mean sea-level rise since 1970
Andy Plater Mapping the morphology of intertidal areas using marine radar
Ed Garrett Fragmented records of extreme wave events and abrupt changes in relative sea level along the eastern Nankai Trough, Japan
Natasha Barlow Testing models of ice cap extent, south Georgia, Sub-Antarctic
Christine Hamilton Meso-scale barrier estuary behaviour in response to sea-level rise, storms and sediment supply
Rob Barnett Salt-marsh testate amoebae as precise and widespread indicators of sea-level change
Poster Presentations
Goodwin, G.C.; Mudd, S.M. & D’Alpaos, A. Variability of wave-induced erosion thresholds on tidal flats and salt marshes
Morris, C.; Coulthard, T.; Parsons, D.; Manson, S. & Barkwith, A. Modelling the interaction of coastal and estuarine processes
Ghazali, N.; Mudd, S. & Ryan, C. We sabotage our own last defence: characterisations of environmental factors in wave attenuation rates by coastal mangrove in peninsular Malaysia
Rushby, G.T.; Bateman, M.D.; Gehrels, W.R. & Stevenson, D. Exploring storm surge occurrence through portable ptocal luminescence profiling
Swirad, Z.M.; Rosser, N.J.; Brain, M.J. & Vann Jones, E.C. Reconstructing palaeo-cliff positions using 10Be concentrations: model development
Varley, S.J.; Rosser, N.J. & Brain, M.J. Measurements of wave shapes and impact pressures at a rock coast cliff with implications for wave-driven cliff erosion