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Professor Colin McFarlane - all publications

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  • McFarlane, C. Urban fragments: a subaltern studies imagination. In: Jazeel, T. & Legg, S. Subaltern Geographies. Athens, GA: Georgia University Press; 2019:210-230.
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  • McFarlane, C., Desai, R. & Graham, S. Politics of sanitation: Informality and the constitution of urban metabolic life in Mumbai. In: Shrestha, K., Ojha, H.R., McManus, P. Rubbo, A. & Dhote, K.K. Inclusive Urbanization: Rethinking Policy and Practice in the Age of Climate Change. Guilford Press; 2014.
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Edited book

  • Marvin, S., Luque-Ayala, A. & McFarlane, C. Smart Urbanism: Utopian Vision or False Dawn?. Routledge; 2016.
  • Graham, S. & McFarlane, C. Infrastructural Lives: Politics, Experience and the Urban Fabric. Earthscan-Routledge; 2015.
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  • Anjaria, J.S. & McFarlane, C. Urban Navigations: Politics, Space and the City in South Asia. London and New Delhi: Routledge; 2010.

Edited Journal

  • McFarlane, C. & Robinson, J. Experiments in Comparative Urbanism. Urban Geography, 33 (6, 765-773): 2012.
  • Anderson, B. & McFarlane, C. Introduction and Conclusion to Special Issue on 'Assemblage and Geography'. Area, 43 (2): 2011.
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