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Durham University

Department of Geography

Departmental Research Projects

Dr Isabella Bovolo

Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 41094
Fax: +44 (0) 191 33 41801
Room number: S102

Contact Dr Isabella Bovolo (email at

Selected Publications

Chapter in book

  • Chiang, Gen-Tao, Dove, Martin T., Bovolo, C. Isabella & Ewen, John Implementing a Grid/Cloud eScience Infrastructure for Hydrological Sciences. In: Yang, X, Wang, L & Jie, W GUIDE TO E-SCIENCE: NEXT GENERATION SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AND DISCOVERY. 2011:3-28.
  • Fowler, H. J. Gutierrez, A. Marani, M., Blenkinsop, S., Burton, A., Stollsteiner, P., Brouyere, S., Goderniaux, P., van Vliet, M., Zanetti, S., Girard, J. F., Dautrebande, S., Baes, D., Mouvet, C., Baran, N., Baltassat, J. M., Bovolo, C. I., Bellin, A., Majone, B., Zambrano-Bigiarini, M., Boni, M., Jouin, F., Klinka, T., Janniche, G. S., Albrechtsen, H. J. A., Wuilleumier, A., Gigleux, S. & Banton, O. Chapter 2: HYDRO-Climate and Water cycle at the Basin Scale. In: Finkel, M., Barth, J. & Grathwohl, P. Advanced Tools and Models to Improve River Basin Management in Europe in the Context of Climate Change. IWA Publishing; 2010.
  • Bovolo, C. I., Blenkinsop, S., Majone, B., Zambrano-Bigiarini, M., Fowler, H. J., Bellin, A., Burton, A., Barceló, D., Grathwohl, P. & Barth, J. A. C. Climate Change, Water Resources and Pollution in the Ebro Basin: Towards an Integrated Approach. In: The Ebro River Basin. 2010:295.
  • Zambrano-Bigiarini, Mauricio, Majone, Bruno, Bellin, Alberto, Bovolo, C. Isabella, Blenkinsop, Stephen & Fowler, H. J. Hydrological Impacts of Climate Change on the Ebro River Basin. In: The Ebro River Basin. 2010:47.

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