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Evans, D.J.A., Twigg, D.R. Rea, B.R. & Orton, C. Surging glacier landsystem of Tungnaárjökull, Iceland. Journal of Maps. 2009;2009:134-151.

Author(s) from Durham


A 1:30,000 scale map of the snout and proglacial landscape of the surging Icelandic glacier Tungnaarjokull,
based upon aerial photography from 1995, immediately after a surge, allows an assessment of the spatial
variability in landform-sediment imprints of catastrophic glacier advance across upland bedrock ridges.
The ice-margin parallel alignment of the bedrock ridges locally strongly directs proglacial meltwater drainage and initiates strong compression in the ice during surging, resulting in the development of prominent ice-cored hummocky moraine composed of glacifluvial sediment. Diagnostic surge landforms elsewhere on the foreland include thrust block and push moraines, overridden ice-cored thrust block
moraines, crevasse squeeze ridges, long flutings, hummocky moraine and ice-cored, pitted outwash.

Department of Geography