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Kunming Ethnic Minority VillageGuo, R., Bulag, U.E., Crang, M.A., Heberer, Th, Hwang, E.-G., Millward, J.A., Rossabi, M., Postiglione, G.A., Shih, C.-y., Tapp, N. & Guo, L.C. Multicultural China: A Statistical Yearbook (2014). Springer; 2014.

Author(s) from Durham


This book provides a collection of annual data on China’s 56 ethnic groups. It is a resource book that profiles the demography, employment and wages, livelihood, agriculture, industry, education, science and technology, culture, sports, and public health for each of these ethnic groups. This material, which is compiled from a variety of sources, will be of great value to researchers, businesses, government agencies, and news media. In this book, data are presented on an ethnic group-by-ethnic group basis, and the ethnic groups are ordered alphabetically, from the Achang to the Zhuang. Though most of the data are as of 2011 – the latest year when our research was conducted, we also provide some historical data for a few of indicators. This is intended to help readers to conduct time-series comparisons and analyses.


Multicultural China: A Brief View
Pages 1-36
Macroeconomic Conditions
Pages 37-66
Population and Labor Force
Pages 67-113
Employment and Wages
Pages 115-176
People’s Livelihood
Pages 177-255
Social Production and Rural Economy
Pages 257-286
Education and Science and Technology
Pages 287-316
Public Health and Social Security
Pages 317-342
Culture and Sports
Pages 343-348

Department of Geography