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Book coverCrang, M. Timespaces in the Debris of Globalisation. In: Rugg, J. & Martin, C. Spatialities: The Geographies of Art and Architecture. Bristol: Intellect; 2012:25-34.

Author(s) from Durham


A good place to start this chapter is by thinking about Anne Tallentire's Dimora works and how they fit in the overall arc of work that addresses displacement, globalization and so forth. What I think the Dimora series offers is pictures that are speaking to a space of globalization, a space of globality; and that they are speaking about migrant workers, the international labour economy and alongside that, they imply the evermore problematic international flows of capital and so on, that both drive, enable and are supported by those flows of people. They illustrate what Manuel Castells (1996) has called a world comprised of ‘spaces of flows’ rather than places. And it is interesting then to think how do we represent, depict or imagine that sort of spatiality because what Anne Tallentire’s work gives is a very particular form of spatialization to try and think through that world in flow through her ‘photositings.'

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