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Department of Geography

Modelling Long-Term Nitrate Pollution

Supervised by Professor Tim Burt with Dr Sim Reaney, Dr Fred Worrall (Earth Sciences) & Dr Nicholas Howden (University of Bristol)

Keywords: Nitrate Modelling, Time Series Analysis, Rainfall - Runoff Processes.

Building on current research analysing long nitrate time series in river and ground water, this research will focus on catchment-scale modelling. New approaches will be encouraged as well as extending existing approaches. There will be opportunity for fieldwork on mean travel times of water as well as time series analysis of new series.

Recent publications

T.P. Burt, N.J.K. Howden, F. Worrall, M.J. Whelan and M. Bieroza. (2010). Nitrate in United Kingdom rivers: policy and its outcomes since 1970. Environmental Science and Technology. DOI: 10.1021/es101395s.
N.J.K. Howden, T.P. Burt, F. Worrall, M.J. Whelan and M. Bieroza. (2010). Nitrate concentrations and fluxes in the River Thames over 140 years (1868–2008): are increases irreversible? Hydrological Processes. 23, 2657-2662. DOI: 10.1002/hyp.7835.

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