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Dr Christine Dunn receives 2009 RGS/IBG Cuthbert Peek Award

(24 April 2009)

Dr Dunn, from Stoke on Trent, was one of 17 people honoured by the Society for their achievements in geographical research, fieldwork, teaching and public engagement; including climate change expert Lord Nicolas Stern, television presenter Neil Oliver and natural history cinematographer Simon King.

She was commended for developing and championing participatory geographical information systems (GIS) technology, used in projects related to health and environmental issues in locations ranging from North East England to sub-Saharan Africa.

Dr Rita Gardner CBE, Director of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), said: “We are delighted to recognise the importance of Dr Dunn’s work with the prestigious Cuthbert Peek Award.

“She has worked collaboratively with epidemiologists, biologists and spatial statisticians, as well as health geographers, to bring a fresh perspective to each field.”

Dr Dunn said: "I am thrilled to receive the award which recognises my work over the last 20 years.

“This research has involved fieldwork in several different parts of the world, focussing on ideas of risk in relation to health and environment, and involving the active participation of citizens in the creation of geographical information".