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Royal Society - Short visits from the UK

(16 September 2005)

The Royal Society invites applications for its short visits from the UK. These are available to all countries except the USA. The objectives of the awards are to initiate one-to-one collaborations, explore opportunities to build lasting networks and gain access to complementary equipment, data observations and ideas. All sciences covered by the society are eligible.

Applicants must be British citizens resident in the UK. EU citizens who have a permanent position at a UK institute can apply. Non-UK/EU citizens who have held a permanent position at a UK institute for at least three years can apply.

Scientists must be of postdoctoral status or equivalent. UK scientists visiting an overseas country should be based at a host academic institution abroad.

The society will provide funding for visits of between one week and three months. The society will provide funding to cover the scientists international travel, plus accommodation and subsistence in the overseas country.