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EU FP6 Global Change and Ecosystems

(18 August 2005)

The European Commission invites RTD proposals under its Framework 6 programme for global change and ecosystems. This call is for integrated projects, networks of excellence, specific targeted research projects, coordination actions and specific support actions in the following areas:

6.3.I impact and mechanisms of greenhouse gas emissions and atmospheric pollutants on climate, ozone depletion and carbon sinks (IP, STREP, CA);

6.3.II water cycle, including soil-related aspects (IP, STREP, CA);

6.3.III biodiversity and ecosystems (CA, IP);

6.3.IV mechanisms of desertification and natural disasters (IP, STREP, CA);

6.3.V strategies for sustainable land management, including coastal zones, agricultural land and forests (IP, STREP, CA);

6.3.VI operational forecasting and modelling including global climatic change observation systems (NoE, IP, STREP, CA);

6.3.VII complementary research (IP, CA);

6.3.VIII cross-cutting issue: sustainable development concepts and tools (IP, STREP, CA);

6.3.IX specific support actions.

IP, NoE, STREP, and CA applications should involve at least three independent legal entities established in three different member or associated states, with at least two MS or associated candidate countries. SSA applications require at least one legal entity from a MS or AS. The total indicative budget is 205 million euros. OJ C177 (19/7/05) p34