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Post 0508 – ESS Lectureship

(11 October 2004)

(Lectureship - Earth Surface Systems) - This post especially seeks applications from less experienced scientists with a strong research potential who use modern geophysical, geochemical, and/or modelling techniques to study topics which relate to our interests, particularly the hillslope and catchment themes. Interests in hillslope/river or catchment/river interactions could also be appropriate. Examples of specialisms which could be attractive are: modelling of slope failure; geomorphology of tectonically active areas; modelling of landscape evolution; non-optical remote sensing applied to landscape change or hydrology; aqueous geochemistry; water quality modelling; shallow groundwater in relation to landslides or water quality. This list is not in order of priority and is far from exclusive; many other combinations of substantive interest and technical expertise would be welcome.