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Dr Harriet Bulkeley has been awarded a Climate Change Leadership Fellowship by the Economic and Social Research Council

(7 May 2008)

Dr Bulkeley’s research will involve analysing how global and mega cities are responding to climate change mitigation and adaptation. The focus will be on climate change ‘experiments’, innovation niches where the seeds of change are being sown, in the housing and energy systems. To date, there has been a lack of comparative analysis of how cities are responding to climate change, and this new body of knowledge will address this gap. This empirical work will consider how transformations in response to climate change are being achieved and managed, how responsibilities for addressing climate change are being allocated, and how issues of socio-environmental justice enable and constrain the possibilities for rapid transitions in response to climate change. This analysis will contribute to our understanding of how urban transitions are, or are not, responding to the challenges of climate change, and how we might best involve stakeholders and communities in this process. The research will involve working with organisations such as the World Bank and the Building and Social Housing Foundation, and will benefit from the support of group of international experts. The project seeks to make a difference both to how we think about the response of socio-technical systems to climate change, and to how we develop our global cities for a climate changed future.