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Manfred Wörner Fellowship

(11 October 2004)

Nato announces its Manfred Wörner fellowship. Applications may be from Euro-Atlantic partner countries individually or in collaboration with Nato countries. Research may be in any of the following areas: Nato enlargement; Nato as a provider of stability and security in the Euro-Atlantic region; Nato’s relations with Russia and or Ukraine; development of the partnership for peace and the EAPC; relations between Nato and other international organisations; the transatlantic link and the development of the European security and defence identity; Nato’s role in the field of conflict prevention and crisis management; regional cooperation; cooperation on stability pact issues; Nato’s policy and objectives of defence, arms control, disarmament, and nonproliferation; global humanitarian mine action; civil emergency planning and disaster preparedness; and developments relating to international terrorism.

Candidates must not be employed by or working in Nato headquarters or a Nato agency, and must have obtained at least a two cycle university degree. The fellowship is of 20,000 euros.

Closing date
31st December 2004.