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Postdoctoral Research Associate - Ref: 2065

(23 July 2007)

The Department of Geography at Durham University wishes to appoint a two year full time post-doctoral research associate to work on a collaborative NERC-funded research project between the universities, of Durham, Bristol and Cambridge. The overall aim of the project is to better understand the observed on-going changes of the West Antarctic ice sheet (WAIS) by the development and application of an appropriate numerical ice-flow model. The project is led by Professor A.J. Payne (Principal investigator, Bristol), Dr Andreas Vieli (Co-investigator, Durham), Dr Poul Cristofferson and Dr Marion Bougamont (both Co-investigators, Cambridge). The whole project consists of three Post-doctoral Research Assistants (one at each host University) that address the following subjects:

  • Incorporation and application of higher-order ice-flow model (Bristol, 3 years)
  • Assimilation of flow velocities into model to constrain and investigate basal conditions and rheology of ice shelves and streams (Durham, 2 years).
  • Implementation and application of subglacial rheological processes into ice sheet model (Cambridge, 2 years).

A more detailed summary of the project can be obtained on request from Dr Andreas Vieli – Andreas.Vieli@durham.ac.uk

The PDRA post, based in Durham will focus on the data assimilation side of the project. The objective is to further develop software that assimilates ice velocity information into a flow model, and apply this tool to a wide selection of WAIS ice shelves and streams in order to generate information on patterns of ice thickness, melt rates and ice rheology and determine the spatial pattern of subglacial control on ice stream flow.

Salary: £26,666 per annum

Closing Date: 31st August 2007