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NERC - Quantifying and understanding the earth system

(11 March 2005)

Quest aims to contribute to earth system science by promoting integrative, interdisciplinary activities based on theoretical analysis, quantitative modelling, and the systematic deployment of observational and experimental data to evaluate and improve global models of the earth system and its components.

The strategic objective of Quest theme 2 is to discover principles underlying the natural regulation of atmospheric composition on glacial-interglacial and longer time scales, with a view to developing an improved, quantitative understanding of present and future earth system responses to ongoing anthropogenic global change.

This call solicits collaborative grant proposals that will address this objective. Specifically, proposals to this announcement should seek to advance quantitative understanding of the interactions among climate change, atmospheric composition and global biogeochemical cycles. Although proposals should principally address the strategic objectives of theme 2, they should also take into account Quest’s overall strategic ambitions. The total sum available is approximately £3 million to be spent over three years.