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ESRC Researcher Development Initiative

(8 March 2006)

The Economic and Social Research Council welcomes applications for its researcher development initiative awards. These support training and development of researchers across the social sciences at all stages of their career. The RDI scheme is open to applications in the following three strands:

•the provision of training and development activities for researchers;

•the provision of specific training activities for research students;

•the development and use of new tools and packages for training purposes.

These strands are not mutually exclusive, and a proposed training activity may relate to more than one of them. Applications are invited from individuals and departments within ESRC recognised institutions, learned societies in the social sciences and other organisations or individuals with an appropriate organisational affiliation. Proposals may be made for projects ranging between £10,000 to £100,000 at 100 per cent full economic costs over three years. The ESRC will meet 80 per cent of FEC on applications. Applicants may bid for more than one activity provided that the total amount requested does not exceed £100,000 over a three year period. Proposals for funding above £100,000 may be considered but must be fully justified.

Deadline: 4pm, 10 April 2006