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Vatnajökull National Park (Southern Region): Guide to a Glacial Landscape Legacy

(24 October 2017)

This is a guide to the glaciers of south Vatnajokull and their landform legacy, the perfect outdoor laboratory for the study of glaciers and glaciation. It presents the state of the art on aspects ranging from glacier-climate interactions, to iceberg production processes, to glacial landform and sediment genesis and is aimed not only at researchers and their students, but also at school groups and inquisitive tourists. It is a landscape that is not just visually spectacular but also central to the development of glacier science. If it does nothing else, this guide demonstrates that a whole glacial geomorphology textbook can be written based entirely upon examples from Iceland’s south coast.

The guide costs £35.00 and is presently available from Vatnajökull visitor centres or directly from the author:

Professor David J.A. Evans
Department of Geography
Durham University
South Road

Please contact d.j.a.evans@durham.ac.uk to place an order and arrange your preferred payment method.