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Professor Awarded QRA James Croll Medal

(6 January 2017)

The James Croll Medal is the highest award of the QRA and is awarded to a member of QRA who has not only made an outstanding contribution to the field of Quaternary Science but whose work has had a significant international impact.

The award, named in honour of James Croll (1821 - 1890) who was closely associated with work on the astronomical theory of the ice ages and ocean circulation & tidal theories linked to the rotation of the earth, is awarded to a member of the QRA who has demonstrated a rise to national eminence and generates science of lasting and major international impact. Professor Shennan was nominated by his fellow QRA members who acknowledged the significance of his continued excellent work.

Many congratulations to Professor Shennan for this prestigious award reflecting years of work at the forefront of quaternary science.

More information of the award can be found at the QRA website.