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Defra Innovation Award Winner

(16 November 2016)

The Flood Risk Management competition, launched by Defra in light of the Government's National Flood Resilience Review which highlighted a variety of potential approaches to flood risk management, gave entrants the opportunity to apply their particular areas of expertise to a specific flood risk management challenge.

The competition focused on answering the following question:

If you were responsible for managing the Eden catchment in Cumbria, what flood risk management approaches would you recommend, and why?

Dr Reaney won with his entry entitled 'Spatial targeting of natural flood risk management within large river catchments: A nested approach of SCIMAP-Flood and CRUM3' which looked at how to manage flood risk within a large river catchment, such as the River Eden and proposed a two stage approach to managing flood risk within the River Eden catchment; a) The use of spatially detailed, catchment wide, risk based mapping, accounting for rainfall patterns, sub-catchment synchronisation and multiple points of impact, to identify key sub-catchments; and b) The application of detailed physically based models, within an uncertainty framework, within these identified locations to design and test the proposed NFM scheme.

The entry showed how these tools can work together to provide the information needed by both communities and the Environment Agency to use natural flood management techniques to reduce flood risk.