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RGS Grant Awarded to PhD Student

(5 August 2016)


Attabad Lake, Ref: Laajverd Visiting School 2014

Zahra was awarded the grant for her research on 'Geographies of Emergency in Pakistan' which looks at how for the last one and a half decades, Pakistan has been operating in a state of emergency with the impact of a combination of the War on Terror in Afghanistan and a series of natural disasters.

Zahra's research will explore how the emergencies are governed in Pakistan and how spaces are made and re-made. One such case being explored is the rehabilitation of Attabad Lake in the Hunza Valley (pictured) after a landslide disrupted the Hunza River flow creating a 35km long lake, displaced 3 villages and disrupted the Karaloram Highway.

Zahra will assess the transformation of post-evental and pre-event space in zones of emergency and the grant awarded will assist her to travel to the Attabad Valley to complete her research in the affected communities.