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Distinguished International Visitor Workshop: 'Carbon Exchanges Between Rocks and Atmosphere'

19th September 2019, 09:00, W103, Applebey Lecture Theatre, Professor Sue Brantley, Department of Geosciences, Penn State, USA

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers who are tackling components of this theme, but often from different perspectives. They include those working to:

  • reconstruct atmosphere CO2 and the role of the geochemical carbon cycle over Earth's history
  • quantify weathering rates in the field and laboratory
  • design and instrument field locations to study carbon exchanges between rocks and atmosphere
  • develop and apply novel isotope systems to track weathering and quantify redox cycling

Carbon Cycling from Rocks to Atmosphere - ERC and Durham Geography supported workshop - 2019

  • track inorganic carbon source in rivers and CO2 sources and sinks by weathering reactions
  • examining the organic matter reactivity in soils, river sediments and rocks
  • assess weathering reactions as a sink of anthropogenic CO2
  • understand the role of weathering in agro‚Äźsystems

Across these groups, we have a lot to gain by bringing expertise together and exploring our different perspectives on carbon exchanges between rocks and the atmosphere. The workshop will aim to foster new discussions and help to: i) map out the direction of the research and the key obstacles and unknowns; ii) identify any complementary goals across these themes and approaches; iii) provide an informal setting to discuss avenues for future collaboration and funding.

The workshop will coincide with Professor Susan Brantley's visit to Durham University as a Distinguished International Visitor, and she will give a keynote as part of the event.

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