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Durham University

Department of Geography

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'The Global Integration and Individual Potential Index' Website Launch

(7 August 2020)

Alice Lassman presenting her work on The GIIP Index
to Indigo Prize Judges in 2017.

Alice Lassman, a BA student in Durham Geography, has recently launched 'The Global Integration and Individual Potential Index'. The index, for which Ms Lassman won the 'Rising Star' award in the 2017 Indigo Prize, is the first non-comparative indicator for economic progress.

GDP has long been recognised as an outdated measure that prioritises competitive economic growth above long term progress, climate change or inequality. For there to be a tangible alternative, it must be easy-to-understand while also including a multitude of factors that represent a complex modern economy.

The GIIP is distinctive in that it doesn't rank countries but instead asks countries to reflect on their own progress while seeing the alternative possibilities with different priorities: for example, would we have a better score if we invested more in healthcare? This website allows the weightings to be changed so that all users (citizens and government) can simulate various situations and ask where the UK needs to improve its long-term progress.

The hope is that this website will be adopted by governments, inputting their own data and using it as a dashboard alongside GDP.