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PhD Student Receives Highly Coveted Allianz Climate Risk Research Award

(14 December 2017)

Bandar Lampung, Indonesia

Coupled with environmental degradation and lack of waste
management, climate change exacerbate local vulnerabilities
in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia.

Congratulations to PhD candidate Erwin Nugraha whose research on urban resilience has received a highly coveted Allianz Climate Risk Research Award.

The prestigious Allianz Climate Risk Research Award saw researchers from 18 countries showcase their innovative ideas to tackle the challenge of climate change and Erwin was delighted to be one of four finalists who received a monetary reward and recognition for his research in an award ceremony in Munich in December. All the work by the four finalists was aimed at making a difference to real-world issues.

Erwin's research looks at what it means to be human in the age of climate change and focused on cities in his native Indonesia, researching how they can be planned and adapted for a changing climate and what the consequences of urban governance are. Erwin proposed the idea of a 'climate human' - someone who has fully embraced the resilience mentality.

The awards were created by Allianz to help improve society's capacity to respond to the rising impact of climate change and to deal with associated uncertainties. Amer Ahmed, the Chief Executive Office of Allianz Reinsurance commented that "for years we insurers have assessed the future risk based on what happened in the past. Now climate change is challenging this model. The past is no longer a good model for the future".

Erwin, who was the only social scientist among the finalists, was very happy that Allianz recognised how important it is that society understands resilience "This award was a wonderful opportunity for me. Not only have I been able to network with the other candidates, I am also taking home ideas that will support the resilience work being done in my home country of Indonesia".