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Department of Geography

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A new video and series of Policy Briefs have been launched on Principles to Address Trafficking, Forced Labour and Slavery in Supply Chains

(17 October 2017)

 Video on Principles for Addressing Trafficking, Forced Labour and/or Slavery in Supply Chains

Click image to play video.

Concerns around trafficking, forced labour and slavery (TFLS) have grown in recent years, with increasing attention being paid to TFLS within businesses' supply chains.

In response, a diverse range of initiatives have been launched to address the TFLS-supply chain nexus.

Seeking to map and understand this emerging field of intervention, Siobhan McGrath and Fabiola Mieres have recently completed a project documenting and analysing these initiatives as part of the DemandAT project on 'demand side measures against trafficking' funded by the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme.

The following four principles for addressing TFLS in and through supply chains are recommended:

  1. It is time to go 'beyond compliance' to responsibility for ethical supply chains
  2. Initiatives need to be enforceable and have significant consequences
  3. Genuine worker participation is critical
  4. Public regulation to protect workers' and migrants' rights and labour standards is crucial