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Department of Geography

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The Rising Powers, Clean Development and the Low Carbon Transition in Sub-Saharan Africa

(5 July 2012)

Solar Cooker

A volunteer demonstrates the use of a solar cooker at the
Jericho Community Centre in the North West province of
South Africa. (Source: Greenpeace)

Congratulations to Professor Marcus Power and Professor Harriet Bulkeley for being awarded an ESRC grant for a 30 month project which seeks to examine how, why and to what extent China, India and Brazil are enabling the transition to low carbon energy systems in Southern Africa.

Professor Power and Professor Bulkeley will be working with colleagues at the University of Sussex, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the University of Cape Town, the Brazilian Centre for Strategic Management Studies and the NGO 'Practical Action'.

The project will develop new frameworks for analysis in order to systematically compare the roles that these three 'Rising Powers' are playing in the nascent low carbon economies of Southern Africa (with Mozambique and South Africa as case studies), analysing how they are shaping the provision of energy services for productive uses such as for cooking, lighting and mobility and seeking to examine the consequent implications for the affordability, accessibility and sustainability of energy services in the region.

The project also seeks to assess the implications for the wider governance of energy and climate change at the local, national, regional and global scales as well as to build capacity, to foster knowledge exchange and policy dialogue and to build cross-disciplinary and transnational research networks concerned with the role of the Rising Powers in facilitating low carbon transitions in sub-Saharan Africa.