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Durham University

NE Quaternary Association (NEQUA)

The transition from the last glaciation in Yorkshire and County Durham

Landforms of both glacier and river origin near Darlington (Mitchell et al., 2010)

Environmental change in Yorkshire and County Durham: the transition out of the last glacial maximum

Bridgland, D.R., Innes, J.B., Long, A.J. and Mitchell, W.A. Late Quaternary Landscape Evolution of the Swale-Ure Washlands, North Yorkshire (

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Mitchell, W.A., Bridgland, D.R. and Innes, J.B. (2010) Late Quaternary evolution of the Tees-Swale interfluve east of the Pennines: the role of glaciation in the development of river systems in northern England. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association.

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