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Durham University

Department of English Studies

Staff and Postgraduate Research Seminars

We regularly scholars from other universities throughout the UK and internationally to present papers at research seminars. These provide an opportunity for postgraduates and members of staff to come together in an informal environment to hear about and discuss the latest research. Postgraduate students are also encouraged to present papers at these seminars.

Archive of Previous Research Seminars

Thu, 6 June 20194:00pm to 6:30pmByzantium in Modern Literature: Invasion, Plunder, Artistic Patrimony
Wed, 15 May 20195:30pm to 7:00pmStaff and Postgraduate Research Seminar - Title TBC
Mon, 25 March 20195:30pm to 7:00pmFree Trade Comedy: Transnational Slapstick
Wed, 20 March 20195:30pm to 7:00pmThe Indian Queen and the Queen Who Brought the Indies
Wed, 20 June 2018The Wife of Bath and Modern 'Rape Culture' - The Case of the Dalhousie University Dentistry Scandal
Wed, 24 January 20184:30pm to 6:00pmRethinking the Literary through Electronic Literature
Wed, 15 November 20174:30pm to 6:00pm'He saw some greater Sun appear’: Waiting for the apocalypse in Milton’s Poems 1645
Wed, 8 November 20174:30pm to 6:00pmWriting at the End of Capitalism: The Politics of Reconnection in the Contemporary London Novel
Wed, 1 November 20174:30pm to 6:00pmAffecting (Science) Fiction: Static, Flicker, and Other Modes of Noncognition
Wed, 17 May 20174:30pm to 6:00pmEarly Modern Comedy and the Discourse of Prudence
Wed, 3 May 20174:30pm to 6:00pmWellness as Metaphor: Mapping Affect in Heidi Julavits The Vanishers
Fri, 10 March 20174:30pm to 6:00pmThe Butch Nerd Angel of History
Wed, 15 February 20174:30pm to 6:30pmBeowulf: Still Boring
Wed, 7 December 20164:30pm to 6:00pmShakespeare and the King’s Men: Theatre History as Endgame
Wed, 23 November 20164:30pm to 6:00pmFear and Phobia in Victorian Literature and Medicine
Wed, 9 November 20164:30pm to 6:00pmAnglicanism and the shaping of modern English culture
Wed, 20 May 20154:30pm to 6:00pmTopic: an exploration of the ways in which the theatre and novel interacted in the eighteenth century
Wed, 29 April 20154:30pm to 6:00pmTopic: Yeats and the visual arts
Wed, 4 March 20154:30pm to 6:00pmThe Novel Body
Wed, 18 February 20154:30pm to 6:00pmTopic: the relationship between literature and science in the 19th century.
Wed, 12 November 20144:30pm to 6:00pmHumanities and the State
Wed, 22 October 20144:30pm to 6:00pm ''This was written 1648 when I lay in': The 'Pregnant Poetic' in the Lyrics of Hester Pulter'
Wed, 11 June 20144:30pm to 6:30pmThe Empathetic Thief and the Festive 'Gatherer': the Economics of Dramatic Convention in Renaissance Drama
Wed, 12 March 20144:30pm to 6:00pmOn Jennifer Egan (Pre-Circulated Paper)
Wed, 27 November 20134:30pm to 6:00pmThe Autonomy of Art and the Heteronomy of Entertainment: Louis Armstrong, Charles Dickens, and Howard Hawks
Thu, 21 November 20134:30pm to 6:00pmNorthern Irish drama in the context of the political 'Troubles’
Wed, 13 November 20134:30pm to 6:00pm‘Scattered Odes’ in ‘Shattered Books’: Romantic Poems in Victorian Anthologies
Wed, 16 October 20134:30pm to 6:00pmWhat is a Narrator? Narrator Theory and Medieval Narratives
Tue, 12 March 20134:30pm to 6:00pmJennifer Egan
Wed, 6 March 20134:30pm to 6:00pmSleep and Romance from Chaucer to Shakespeare
Wed, 20 February 20134:30pm to 6:00pmYours in Revolution: Retrofitting Carlos the Jackal
Wed, 6 February 20134:30pm to 6:00pmBritain’s Second World War After 1945: Fictional Narrative and Historical Consciousness
Wed, 14 November 20124:30pm to 6:00pm'Why Tennyson?' and 'Why now?' Alfred Tennyson in 1862 and 2012
Wed, 10 October 20124:30pm to 6:00pmHesitation and Erasure: A Life in James Shirley’s hand
Wed, 21 March 20124:30pm to 6:00pmFrom Memory to Fiction: Virginia Woolf
Wed, 7 March 20124:30pm to 6:00pmTolkien, Wales, and Brittany
Wed, 29 February 20124:30pm to 6:00pmBeyond the Politics of Representation: Tracing the Adivasi in Postcolonial Literary Studies
Wed, 23 November 20114:30pm to 6:00pmStaging Domestic Violence: Shakespeare's 'Othello' and Middleton's 'Yorkshire Tragedy'
Wed, 2 November 20114:30pm to 6:00pmThe Invention of Celtic Magic: Theorising Narrative in Medieval Wales
Wed, 26 October 20114:30pm to 6:00pmThe Origin of the Harp: Thomas Moore, Daniel Maclise and the New Mythology
Wed, 9 March 20115:00pm to 6:30pmNOTE CHANGE OF DATE AND TIME: 'Love and the Platonic Transcendent in the Fiction of Iris Murdoch,' by Dr. Miles Leeson (University of Portsmouth)
Wed, 23 February 20114:30pm to 6:00pm''The powerful marvel of irony': Derrida and Structural Irony,' by Maebh Long (Durham University)
Wed, 9 February 20114:30pm to 6:00pm'Editing Beckett’s unpublished story 'Echo’s Bones',' by Dr Mark Nixon (University of Reading)
Wed, 26 January 20114:30pm to 6:00pm'A Tale of Two Newmans: Victorian Faith, Doubt and Mathematical Certainty,' by Professor Alice Jenkins (University of Glasgow)
Wed, 8 December 20104:30pm to 6:00pm“Love and the Platonic Transcendent in the Fiction of Iris Murdoch,' by Dr Miles Leeson (University of Portsmouth)
Wed, 24 November 20104:30pm to 6:00pm'‘This song to come, this reader to become’: Reading Blanchot’s Style of Paradox,” by Mario Aquilina (University of Malta)
Wed, 3 March 20104:30pm to 6:00pm'Lobotomies and Botulism Bombs: Beckett’s Trilogy and the Cold War'
Wed, 24 February 20104:30pm to 6:00pm''When dogs will become men': canine allegories, theriocephalous figures and the modernist melancholia of Virginia Woolf'
Wed, 10 February 20104:30pm to 6:00pmSEMINAR CANCELLED: 'From Modest Shoot to Forward Plant: Women, Writing and the Sexuality of Botany, 1760-1830'
Wed, 27 January 20104:30pm to 6:00pm'Time For Love Gone By: Midlife Anxiety in the Novels of Charles Dickens'
Wed, 9 December 20094:30pm to 7:00pmwickedness / was soluble in art': Re-vizing Adulterous Love in Berryman's Sonnets
Wed, 2 December 20094:30pm to 7:00pmBowen's Telephones
Wed, 11 November 20094:30pm to 7:00pmAphasic Modernity: Theory's Speechless Symptom
Wed, 28 October 20094:30pm to 7:00pmVeerer: Reading Melville's 'Bartleby'
Wed, 14 October 20094:30pm to 7:00pmHistory as Space: Aby Warburg and Material to Cultural History
Wed, 13 May 20094:30pm to 6:00pmStaff and Postgraduate Research Seminar: 'The Great Tew Circle,' by Professor Graham Parry (University of York)
Wed, 4 March 20094:30pm to 6:00pmStaff/Postgraduate Research Seminar: 'Stability Turned into Motion: Erasmus Darwin's Recourse to Ovid's Metamorphoses' by Dr. Sonja Fielitz (University of Marburg)
Wed, 25 February 20094:30pm to 6:00pmStaff/Postgraduate Research Seminar: 'Maps of Utopia: H.G. Wells and the End of Culture' by Dr. Simon James (University of Durham)
Wed, 11 February 20094:30pm to 6:00pmStaff/Postgraduate Research Seminar: 'Global Culture and Interiority' by Professor Roy Boyne (University of Durham)
Wed, 4 February 20094:30pm to 6:00pmStaff/Postgraduate Research Seminar: 'Gallant Little Swearers or Puny Weeds? Darwinism, Degeneration, and the Irish Revival,' by Dr. Rónán McDonald (University of Reading)
Wed, 3 December 20084:30pm to 6:00pmStaff and Postgraduate Research Seminar: 'Metkovic to Mostar: Pynchon and the Balklans,' by Dr. Sam Thomas (Durham University)
Wed, 26 November 20084:30pm to 6:00pmStaff and Postgraduate Research Seminar: 'Some Experience of the Schizoid Voice: Samuel Beckett and the Language of Derangement,' by Dr. Shane Weller (University of Kent)
Wed, 12 November 20084:30pm to 6:00pmStaff and Postgraduate Research Seminar: 'Hamlet, Macbeth and Sovereign Process,' by Professor John Drakakis (University of Stirling)
Wed, 29 October 20084:30pm to 6:00pmStaff and Postgraduate Research Seminar: 'Pirate Philosophy: Open Access, Open Editing, Open Content, Open Media,' by Professor Gary Hall (Coventry University)
Wed, 15 October 20084:30pm to 4:30pmStaff and Postgraduate Research Seminar: 'Sensational Secretaries, Melodramatic Modernity: Edna, Belle and Estelle,' by Professor Lawrence Rainey (University of York)
Wed, 7 May 20084:30pm to 6:00pmStaff/Postgraduate Research Seminar: ' From Epitaph to Obituary: The Forlorn Hic Jacet and the Romantic Writer,' by Dr Elizabeth Barry (University of Warwick)
Wed, 5 March 20084:00pm to 6:00pm'The Sex in Beowulf,' by Professor Richard North (UCL)
Wed, 13 February 20084:30pm to 6:00pm''Where Ignorance is Bliss': Folly and Family Secrets,' by Professor Rachel Bowlby (UCL)
Wed, 6 February 20084:30pm to 6:00pm'A Portrait of Joyce as a Sympathetic Villain: Melodrama, Forgery, and Silent Film,' by Professor Vicki Mahaffey (University of York)
Wed, 23 January 20084:30pm to 6:00pm'The importance of manuscripts and primary materials for editing The Complete Poems of T. S. Eliot,' by Jim McCue (Institute of Advanced Study, University of London)
Wed, 5 December 20074:30pm to 6:00pmEnglish Department Staff/Postgraduate Research Seminar: 'Weird Sex: Coetzee, Beckett, and Literary Influence,” by Professor Derek Attridge
Wed, 28 November 20074:30pm to 6:00pmEnglish Department Staff/Postgraduate Research Seminar: 'Slavery and the Weather: The Limitations of Trauma”


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