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Durham University

Department of English Studies

Late Summer Lecture Series

Late Summer Lectures is organised by our postgraduate researchers, and brings some of the cutting-edge research from the UK's early-career scholars to share with the public. The series has been running since 2008 every August through to October. Everyone from students and schools to members of the public is warmly invited to attend and encounter new perspectives on literature. For more information, see the details for each lecture or our series FAQs.

Forthcoming Late Summer Lectures

Late Summer Lectures runs from August to October each year. Check back nearer the time or follow Late Summer Lectures on Facebook or Twitter for announcements about the next series.

Previous Late Summer Lectures

Many of our Late Summer Lectures are recorded and podcast via READ: Research English At Durham.

Wed, 9 October 20195:30pm to 6:30pm'Demons, Vikings, Pagans and Terror in the Early Middle Ages' and 'Political Violence: Joseph Conrad's The Secret Agent and Kamila Shamsie's Home Fire'
Wed, 2 October 20195:30pm to 6:30pmMiddle Ground: The Geographic and Linguistic Identity of the American Midwest
Wed, 25 September 20195:30pm to 6:30pmListening to Survive: Classical Music, Conflict, and Identity in the Contemporary Novel
Wed, 18 September 20195:30pm to 6:30pmWrong Paths: A Short History of Choose-Your-Own Adventure
Wed, 11 September 20195:30pm to 6:30pmFuture Memory and Circular Time in Dickens' 'The Signal-Man'
Wed, 4 September 20195:30pm to 6:30pm'Lethe in Moyola': The Classical Underworld as a Memoryscape
Wed, 21 August 20195:30pm to 6:30pmTime and Place: Bakhtin and Shakespeare
Wed, 14 August 20195:30pm to 6:30pmThen Egil Became Sad: Wandering Across Scandinavia in Egils Saga
Wed, 3 October 20185:30pm to 7:00pmBehind Gilded Walls: Tales of wonder, the Gothic, and Islamic Mythology in Contemporary Literature
Wed, 26 September 20185:30pm to 7:00pm'Victims in a Vacuum': Inscribing Identities in Childhood and Deathbed Scenes
Wed, 19 September 20185:30pm to 7:00pmAb origine mundi/ ad mea…tempora: Beginnings and Endings in Ovid’s Metamorphoses
Wed, 12 September 20185:30pm to 7:00pmThe Stream of Consciousness in the Works of William Wordsworth and James Joyce
Wed, 5 September 20185:30pm to 7:00pmFire stopped play: Shakespeare, Henry VIII, and the day the Globe burned down
Wed, 29 August 20185:30pm to 7:00pm'Remembrance, but to what end?: Registers of petition in the holograph manuscripts of Thomas Hoccleve' and '(S)he’s just not that into you: Resistance and Persistence in Medieval Romance Literature'
Wed, 22 August 20185:30pm to 7:00pmSacred Symbols, Snake-Women and Sisterhood: Crafting Power in Medieval Origin Stories
Wed, 15 August 20185:30pm to 7:00pm“The Beginning of Sound Film -The End of Literary Modernism?” and “The Rise of Populism and a Call for the New Sincerity in Contemporary Fiction”
Wed, 4 October 20175:30pm to 7:00pmA Sea-Change: Contemporary Poetry and the Coastline
Wed, 27 September 20175:30pm to 7:00pmApocalypse or Utopia: What Comes Next
Wed, 20 September 20175:30pm to 7:00pmLife, Death and the Victorians
Wed, 13 September 20175:30pm to 7:00pmChanging Entertainment: The Magic Lantern and the Nineteenth Century
Wed, 6 September 20175:30pm to 7:00pmTics in the Theatre: The 'Quiet Audience' and the Neurodivergent Spectator
Wed, 23 August 20175:30pm to 7:00pmAlfred the Great through History
Wed, 16 August 20175:30pm to 7:00pmAlbion: Change, Rebirth and Stagnancy in The Middle English Prose Brut Chronicle
Wed, 5 October 20165:30pm to 6:30pm"Whisht! Lads": The Lambton Worm, Medievalism(s) and Radical Jack the Earl of Durham
Wed, 28 September 20165:30pm to 6:30pmAlchemy, the Philosopher’s Stone, and the Holy Grail
Wed, 21 September 20165:30pm to 6:30pmSacred Monster: The Gothic Theology of Frankenstein
Wed, 14 September 20165:30pm to 6:30pm"After that Summer, Nothing Would be the Same Again": Sex, Death, and Nostalgia at the Seaside
Wed, 7 September 20165:30pm to 6:30pmBreathing in Science Fiction
Wed, 31 August 20165:30pm to 6:30pmThe Minimalist Literary Aesthetic and Current Forms of Communication in the English Language
Wed, 24 August 20165:30pm to 6:30pmCuthbert: A not so benevolent saint
Wed, 17 August 20165:30pm to 6:30pm“I don’t believe in the future. I think we’re all doomed”: The Contemporary Apocalyptic Imagination