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Durham University

Department of English Studies

Inventions of the Text Seminar Series

Inventions of the Text complements our Research Seminar series. Inventions is organised by a team of postgraduate researchers, and combines papers by academics from Durham and beyond with presentations by PhD students. Seminars run roughly every couple of weeks during term time, with around eight or nine events a year. After each seminar, attendees are welcome to socialise with the speaker(s) over dinner. They are generally for University staff and students, although sometimes open to the public.

Forthcoming Inventions of the Text Seminars

There are no Inventions of the Text seminars currently scheduled. Follow this events page, or find Inventions of the Text on Facebook, for the first word about the next seminar.

Past Inventions of the Text Seminars

Wed, 14 October 20205:30pm to 7:00pmDerek Mahon Tribute Evening
Fri, 6 March 20205:30pm to 7:00pmLogics of European Romanticism
Thu, 27 February 20205:30pm to 7:00pm"What is your country, may I ask?": Displaced Persons, Holocaust Survivors, and the Persistence of Fascism in 1940s and 1950s British Detective Fiction
Thu, 23 January 20205:30pm to 7:00pmPythagoras, Palmistry and Pulse-Reading: The Centrality of Magic in Late Medieval Prognostic Medicine
Wed, 27 November 2019DATE SUBJECT TO CHANGE: Inventions of the Text
Thu, 14 November 20195:30pm to 7:00pmEarth of Eternity: Shelley and Existence
Wed, 30 October 20195:30pm to 7:00pmWhite Wombs, Jewish Doctors and Saracen Mummies: The Logic of Infertility in Late Medieval England
Wed, 16 October 20195:30pm to 7:00pmStaff Roundtable
Wed, 12 June 20195:30pm to 6:30pmJames Melville and Ester Inglis
Wed, 29 May 20195:30pm to 7:00pmMoving Landscapes and Borderland Aesthetics in the Romantic Period
Wed, 22 May 20195:30pm to 7:00pmSilence and Sublimity in Tennyson
Wed, 1 May 20195:30pm to 7:00pmNarrative Theory and Medieval Narrative
Wed, 27 February 20195:30pm to 7:00pmGeorge Eliot and the Victorian Extended Mind
Wed, 5 December 20185:30pm to 7:00pm'The Borders between Words in the Poetry of George Oppen' and 'Borders and Liminality in Caryl Phillips’ Crossing the River'
Wed, 14 November 20185:30pm to 7:00pm"Enprynted by me Will[ia]m Caxton": Marketing Manuscripts after Print
Wed, 31 October 20185:30pm to 7:00pmSchizophrenia, Criminality, and the Neo-Baroque
Wed, 23 May 20185:30pm to 6:30pmCrossing the (B)order of Immersion: Phantasmal Intersubjectivity, Co-Presence and the Emersivity of Literary Characters
Wed, 9 May 20185:30pm to 6:30pmInventions of the Text Postgraduate Seminar
Wed, 25 April 20185:30pm to 6:30pmOrdering the Eighteenth-Century Essay
Wed, 14 March 20185:30pm to 6:30pmCANCELLED Inventions of the Text Seminar
Wed, 28 February 20185:30pm to 6:30pmInventions of the Text Early Career Seminar
Wed, 31 January 20185:30pm to 6:30pmThe Shape of Free Speech: Rethinking Liberal Free Speech Theory
Wed, 6 December 20175:30pm to 6:30pmPostgraduate Seminar on T.S. Eliot and H.G. Wells
Wed, 22 November 20175:30pm to 6:00pmLiterature as Algorithmic Variation: The Implications of Darwin’s ‘Universal Acid'
Wed, 15 November 20175:30pm to 7:00pmThe​ ​King’s​ ​English:​ ​language,​ ​colonialism​ ​and​ ​the nation​ ​state​ ​1537-1617
Tue, 30 May 20175:30pm to 7:00pmPhD Student and Early Career Researcher Seminar
Wed, 10 May 20175:30pm to 7:00pmThe Anthropocene Unconscious of African Second Contact Narratives: District 9, Rosewater, Lagoon
Wed, 26 April 20175:30pm to 7:00pmThe Ethics of Enchantment: The Role of Fairy Tales in the Ethical Imagination
Wed, 8 March 20175:30pm to 7:00pmHistoricist Interdisciplinarity in Literature and Science
Thu, 23 February 20176:00pm to 7:00pmCANCELLED - Historicist Interdisciplinarity in Literature and Science
Wed, 8 February 20175:30pm to 7:00pmGlass Slippers, Stinky Cheese Men and Percy Jackson: An Introduction to Folklore in Contemporary Children's Literature
Wed, 30 November 20165:30pm to 7:00pmInterdisciplinarity: PhD and Early-Career Research Seminar
Wed, 16 November 20165:30pm to 7:00pmThe Defacement of Irish Modernism
Wed, 2 November 20165:30pm to 7:00pm'George Orwell's Worst Nightmare': Cybersecurity and Surveillance in Screen Narratives after Edward Snowden
Thu, 16 June 20165:30pm to 6:45pm'I Worshipped the Invisible Alone': A Coleridgean Shadow in Shelley's 1816 Poetry
5:30pm to 6:45pmLiterature, Cinema, Videogame: Intermedial Influence and Literary Modernism
Wed, 8 June 20165:30pm to 6:45pmFlora Annie Steel and the Indian 'Mutiny' Novel
Thu, 26 May 20165:30pm to 6:45pmThe Craft of Cruelty: An Anatomy of the Satiric Fiction of Evelyn Waugh
Wed, 18 May 20165:30pm to 6:45pmWilliam Blake's London and Eliot's Waste Land
Wed, 9 March 20165:30pm to 7:00pmWhose Line is it Anyway? Textual Editing and the Inventions of the Text
Wed, 2 March 20165:30pm to 7:00pmKeats, Healthy Breathing, and Romantic Bowers
Wed, 24 February 20165:30pm to 6:00pmDivinity in Being: Dismantling the God/World Dualism in Marilynne Robinson's Gilead
6:00pm to 6:30pmThe Theme of Twins in Shakespearean Drama
Wed, 10 February 20165:30pm to 7:00pmShakespeare and the Right to the City: Subjective Alienation in Coriolanus, Julius Caesar, and 2 Henry VI
Wed, 16 December 20155:30pm to 6:45pm'Last Night': Colson Whitehead’s Presents
Wed, 2 December 20155:30pm to 6:00pmPoetic Voice and Commodity Culture in Letitia Landon’s ‘Medallion Wafers’
6:00pm to 6:30pm“I Mend A Break in Time:” H.D.’S Healing Prophecy in What Do I Love?
Wed, 4 November 20155:30pm to 6:30pm'Stories Somehow Lengthen': Narrative and Play in Beppo and The Witch of Atlas
Wed, 27 May 20155:30pm to 7:00pm'Harder if possible than the Emperor's heart': Narrating the Amherst Embassy (1816)
Wed, 6 May 20155:30pm to 7:00pmRobert Graves and Modern Poetry
Wed, 15 April 20154:30pm to 6:00pmWedlock: The disastrous marriage and triumphant divorce of Mary Eleanor Bowes, Countess of Strathmore
Wed, 25 February 20155:30pm to 7:00pmThe Compensations of Illiteracy: Orality and Religion in British Writing About Russia
Wed, 26 November 20145:30pm to 6:30pmLiterary Invention and Literary History
Wed, 19 November 20145:30pm to 6:30pmDickens's Nightwalking
Wed, 5 November 20145:30pm to 6:30pmFinding Gloucester’s Eyeballs: Keats’s Letters and their Poetry
Wed, 15 October 20145:30pm to 7:00pmBroadcasting Beckett: Adaptations from the BBC Written Archives
Wed, 26 March 20145:30pm to 7:00pm''You Seen the Godfather?' The Sopranos and the Postmodern Gangster' and 'You Just Complicate the Narrative: Computer Games as 'Erzahlspiele (Narrative Games)''
Fri, 14 March 20142:00pm to 5:00pm'Literary Criticism and the Fantastic
Wed, 5 March 20145:30pm to 6:30pmThe Literary and Cultural History of the Widow
Wed, 26 February 20145:30pm to 6:30pmT.S. Eliot: Turning Darkness into Light
Wed, 19 February 20145:30pm to 6:30pmBoy Actors in the English Renaissance
Wed, 4 December 20135:30pm to 7:00pmTitle TBC
Thu, 3 October 20135:30pm to 7:00pmBiographical Beginnings: The Anatomy of the Woman's Bag
Wed, 1 May 20135:30pm to 7:00pmLiterature and the Book Trade
Wed, 13 February 20135:30pm to 7:00pmLife-writing at the limits: dementia in contemporary autobiographies and life-writing
Wed, 5 December 20125:30pm to 6:30pmLiterature and the Secret State
Wed, 31 October 20125:30pm to 6:30pmLiterature and Travel: Irish Writers in Japan
Wed, 9 May 20125:00pm to 6:30pmInventions of the Text
Thu, 26 April 20125:00pm to 6:30pmNew Modernist Studies
Tue, 13 March 20124:30pm to 6:00pmInventions of the Text
Wed, 22 February 20125:00pm to 6:30pmThe Enemy Within: The Function of the Witch-Queen in Old Norse Literature
Wed, 8 February 20125:00pm to 6:30pmInventions of the Text
Wed, 25 January 20125:00pm to 6:30pmReading Barmaids
Wed, 7 December 20114:30pm to 6:00pmEnlightened Anxieties: Some Observations on Poetry and Civil Society in Ferguson and Adam Smith
Wed, 30 November 20114:30pm to 6:00pmInventions of the Text Seminar: ‘The Parodist’s Game’: Scrutiny of Cultural Play in Jonathan Coe’s What a Carve Up!
Wed, 9 November 20114:30pm to 6:00pmEliot's Shakespeare
Wed, 19 October 20114:30pm to 6:00pmInventions of the Text Seminar: Two Talks on Aspects of Ezra Pound’s Poetry
Thu, 17 March 20116:30pm to 7:30pm'Two Types Of Encyclopaedism: Uses of Knowledge in Nicola Barker's Darkmans and Tom McCarthy's C,' by Vic Sage (School of Literature and Creative Writing, University of East Anglia)
Tue, 22 February 20116:30pm to 7:30pm'Converging Cultures: Film, Fiction and Celebrity in Spike Jonze and Bret Easton Ellis,' by James Annesley (School of Literature, Language and Linguistics, Newcastle University)
Tue, 8 February 20116:30pm to 7:30pm'Cognition, Narrative and the Force of Fictionality,' by Richard Walsh
Wed, 1 December 20106:00pm to 7:00pm'Wither Deconstruction?... Whither Deconstruction?', Maebh Long
Wed, 10 November 20106:00pm to 7:00pm'Knowledge in Creative Writing,' Andrew Crumey
Tue, 23 February 20106:30pm to 7:30pmShelley's Relationship to Goethe through the Lens of the Theory of Colours
Tue, 9 February 20106:30pm to 7:30pmInternal v. External: A Case of Revolutionary Justice in Lev Kuleshov's 'By the Law' (1926)
Tue, 8 December 20096:30pm to 7:30pmLyric Violence: An Oppositional Audience with Geoffrey Hill
Tue, 1 December 20096:30pm to 7:30pmTaming the Wild Profusion of Things: Some Thoughts on the Possibility of Metaphysics
Tue, 17 November 20096:15pm to 7:15pm-isms through Prisms: Lacan, Jameson, Nietzsche and Ulysses
Tue, 3 November 20096:15pm to 7:15pmElizabeth Bowen and The Case of Fiction
Tue, 20 October 20096:15pm to 7:15pmHopkins and The Burden of Security
Mon, 15 June 20096:15pm to 7:15pmInventions of the Text: 'Fragments of a Life: Derrida, Aphorisms and Autobiography,' by Maebh Long (Durham University)
Mon, 8 June 20096:15pm to 7:15pmInventions of the Text Seminar Series: 'Exemplarity - The Real: Autopoiesis and a Para-Ontology of the Example,' by Marc Botha
Mon, 1 June 20096:15pm to 7:15pmInventions of the Text Seminar Series: 'The Meaning of Sound: The Hidden Life of Voice in Tennyson's Poetry,' by Clara Dawson (Durham University)
Mon, 25 May 20096:15pm to 7:15pmInventions of the Text Seminar Series: ''Images and symbols adequate to our predicament': Seamus Heaney and the development of Northern Irish Elegy,' by Naomi Banks (Durham University)
Mon, 18 May 20096:15pm to 7:15pmInventions of the Text Seminar Series: 'Cultural Texts And Functional Memory: Aleida Assmann On Canonisation,' by Ann-Marie Einhaus (Durham University)
Mon, 11 May 20096:15pm to 7:15pmInventions of the Text Seminar Series: 'Thomas Pynchon And Waste: Thoughts On The Nature Of The Discarded In Gravity's Rainbow,' by Richard Moss (Durham University)
Mon, 9 March 20096:15pm to 7:00pmInventions of the Text: 'Paper or Wordsworth? The Medium is the Message,' by George Selmer (Anglia Ruskin University)
Mon, 23 February 20096:15pm to 7:15pmInventions of the Text Seminar Series: 'In Search of Home: Form and Quest in the Poetry of Derek Mahon,' by Eleanor Chatburn (Durham University)
Mon, 9 February 20096:15pm to 7:15pmInventions of the Text: 'Wordsworth and Repetition,' by Dr. Alexander Regier (Cambridge University)
Mon, 26 January 20096:15pm to 7:15pmInventions of the Text: 'The body’s state stable & labile”: Crises of Self and Society in John Berryman’s Early Poetry,' by Amy Jordan (Durham University)
Mon, 15 December 20086:15pm to 7:15pmInventions of the Text Seminar Series: Mournful Ditties and Merry Measures: Feeling and Form in the Romantic Short Lyric and Song, by Professor Michael O'Neill (Durham University)
Mon, 1 December 20086:15pm to 7:15pmInventions of the Text Seminar Series: 'Wordsworth, Thoreau and Ecoromanticism,' by Paige Tovey
Mon, 17 November 20086:15pm to 7:15pmInventions of the Text Seminar Series: 'This soul out of my soul: The Trial of the Hero in Shelley's Epipsychidion,' by Maddy Callaghan