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Student making notes using books and a laptop in front of bookshelves

From Monday 22 April, our ‘Bee Right Back’ Study Break cards will be available on each level of Bill Bryson Library for you to use to take a break for up to 30 minutes.

Each card will have multiple timeslot spaces on them, allowing you to take the breaks you need throughout your time visiting us or reuse the cards on multiple visits. 

How does it work? 

Simply write the start time on the card and leave it on your desk; you will be able to take a break and return to the study space within 30 minutes. This will allow you to take your much-needed break and let others know that the desk is still in use. 

If you’ve booked a study space or study room, you don’t need to use our Study Break cards. 

‘Bee’ considerate 

Please make use of the Study Break cards and use them for your 30-minute break, but we’re also asking you to be considerate and support others: 

  • If you intend on leaving the study space for longer than 30 minutes, please clear the desk of any books or personal belongings so someone else can use the space
  • We always suggest that you don’t leave any items unattended in the Library at any time. If you do choose to leave your belongings and you’re away from your desk for longer than 30 minutes, our staff may remove them from the desk to make room for others who need the space.
  • If you see a desk has a Study Break card on showing someone is taking a 30-minute break, please look for an alternative space.
  • Book a study space if you want a guaranteed seat for a specific amount of time. 

Other study spaces available 

In addition to Bill Bryson Library, we have a wide variety of other study spaces available across campus, including:  

Other study spaces across campus are also available, including Dunelm House, Mathematical Sciences and Computer Science Building, and of course, within your College library and other College study spaces. 

We've also arranged additional pop-up library study spaces to be available for you to use across the University campus during the exam period.  

For more information, visit our Study Spaces guide.