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Gift Voucher for Language Courses

Give your loved ones the gift of language and watch them grow. Language learning can not only expand their cultural horizons, but can also foster personal growth, enhance career prospects, and much more. We are now offering gift vouchers for those in search of something worthwhile giving.   

Who are they for?

CFLS Language Course Gift Vouchers can be used as a meaningful and cherished gift suitable for all kinds of occasions, such as Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and weddings. They also make a thoughtful gesture to say thank you, well done, or congratulations to someone special in your life. These vouchers are ideal for individuals with an interest in language learning or those looking to enhance their existing language skills. Whether you have a friend or loved one contemplating a move abroad or someone with a partner from another country or a love for travel, CFLS Language Course Gift Vouchers serve as the perfect present.

How do they work?

Our gift vouchers can be used to purchase any of the CFLS extra-curricular language courses. If you have been given a gift voucher and are ready to redeem your voucher and register for a course, simply fill out this form and our admin team will be in touch. 

How much are they?

Our vouchers are available in a variety of denominations from £50-£260. Because the price of courses varies depending on whether someone is a Durham University student or staff member, we will ensure that the gift voucher you purchase will either cover the correct full amount, or partial amount, of a course. They are valid for a full 12 months which gives the recipient plenty of time to decide which course they might like to do. 

Ready to order?

Please fill out this form, and our admin team will be in touch. 

Terms and Conditions

  • The value of a gift card can be redeemed on any language courses with the CFLS within the redemption period of 12 months from the date of purchase, after which they expire automatically. We have no obligation to remind or inform the recipient of a gift card’s expiry and it is the recipient's sole responsibility to ensure that any balance is used in full prior to expiry.  
  • Gift cards may be used to pay for a whole course or part of a course, depending on the amount that is specified on the gift card.   
  • The gift card or any remaining balance cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash 
  • In the event that a course needs to be cancelled due to low registration numbers, a new gift voucher shall be issued and shall be valid for a further 12 months. In the event the voucher holder opts to withdraw from a course, no refund shall be given.  
  • Personal data relating to the purchase or use of a gift card will be used in accordance with GDPR.