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Brian Tanner and group open new lab

Professor Brian Tanner, former Head of the Physics Department, officially opened three new laboratories on behalf of the Centre for Materials Physics.

VIDEO: A whistle-stop tour of the new Condensed Matter Physics research laboratories.

Condensed Matter Physics recently opened three newly redeveloped research laboratories. The new facilities were formally opened by emeritus Professor Brian Tanner, a former Head of Physics at Durham and a leader in research and business applications of X-ray diffraction topography, amongst many other leading roles within the University, in technology transfer and in industry.

One of the new laboratories is dedicated to ‘Materials Synthesis and Characterisation’ research, led by Dr Emma McCabe. The second, laboratory houses cutting edge magneto-optics facilities for ‘NanoMagnonics’ research led by Professor Adekunle Adeyeye. The third laboratory forms the new  ‘Brian Tanner X-Ray Facility’, which is available to support the materials research activities across Condensed Matter Physics at Durham.

Below: The Nanomagnonics Laboratory. The facility is led by Professor Adekunle Adeyeye and hosts the UK’s only micro-BLS system for nanoscopic magnetisation dynamics studies of nanostructured magnetic systems.

Brian Tanner in the NanoMagnomics lab

Below: Inside the new ‘Brian TannerX-Ray Facility’ showing details of the new ‘Bruker D8 Advance’ X-ray system for X-ray diffraction and X-ray reflectivity studies of a wide range of research materials.

X-Ray lab opening