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The application process is the same for all maths courses and is done via UCAS. However in addition we strongly encourage applicants to take the TMUA.

Test of Mathematics for University Admission (TMUA)

In order to promote fairness and to enhance the possibility for alternate offers, the University uses the TMUA in conjunction with the Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing (CAAT) service. The test is taken in November and the results are sent by CAAT directly to students at the end of November. All information concerning the Test (including whether it was taken at all) will be provided to us by the applicants on an entirely voluntary basis. Taking part in the TMUA test can therefore only increase the chances of receiving an offer. A pass (i.e. a score of 6.5 or above) will guarantee a reduced offer A*AA or equivalent. However we will treat scores below 6.5 down to a certain threshold as positive evidence, increasing your chances of getting a standard A*A*A offer. Scores of 4.5 and over will be counted as positive evidence so we advise you to release your score to Durham if it is 4.5 or over. (Those students already registered for MAT may substitute those results in place of our own test, if they do not wish to take both.)

Note that because we wait until we have your TMUA or MAT results we normally don't give any offers out until December. The exception to this is Contextual Admissions which may be released before the results of TMUA.