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English Language Requirements for Postgraduate Study

Durham recognises a number of English language qualifications. The departmental requirements for admission are on the attached table for different schemes.

  • There are pre-sessional training options for those who have not quite reached the required standard, but please note that there is no funding to support attendance at these. It is also the case that, given the competitive nature of our funding schemes, we will not award funding to a candidate who ‘might’ achieve the levels through this route but is not guaranteed to do so.
  • The certification should be within the previous two years before applying. If a student has an out-of-date certificate, it is worth loading it up and flagging it to demonstrate your ability while you secure a further test.
  • If you have a University qualification undertaken in English and with the qualification awarded within two years of the start date, you do not need to provide evidence of English language proficiency
  • You do need to check the English language requirements for applying for a Tier 4 visa as this is a separate process with its own demands

 Chart of English Language Requirements