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Alumni Spotlights

Alumni Spotlight: Sam Betley

Sam Betley studied for a BA in Ancient History and Archaeology at between 2015-2018. Now he works as a Senior Policy Advisor at His Majesty's Treasury.
Durham Archaeology alumnus Sam Betley next to Hadrian's Wall

Alumni Spotlight: Matthew Bamborough

Learn about the career of Matthew Bamborough, who studied for a BSc in Archaeology between 2015-2018. Since then he has worked in field archaeology and completed an MSc at Oxford University. Now he works as a heritage consultant.
Durham Archaeology alumnus Matthew Bamborough

Alumni Spotlight: Danielle Silverman

Learn about the career of Danielle Silverman, who studied for a BA in Archaeology between 2015-2018. Now she is studying for a PhD in anthropology at the University of Illinois.
Headshot of Durham Archaeology alumna Danielle Silverman