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Counselling Service

Written support

It is important that you contact your College Student Support Staff/Academic Department if you are having problems that impact upon your studies - this will ensure you are fully supported.

We are able to provide letters of support to accompany application for Serious Adverse Circumstances (etc.) for clients who are aleady in receipt of ongoing counselling.

Letters evidencing engagement/severity level can be provided for current counselling service clients or clients who were in recept of on-going therapeutic support in our service during the period for which they are now claiming SAC etc.

PLEASE NOTE: Letters of support cannot be produced from an IA or SBC

To obtain evidence of ongoing counselling work or previous engagement with our service, clients (past and present) can call or email the service and our admin team will prepare a letter without the need for attendance at an SBC, IA or Counselling Appointment.

You will need to give us written consent before we can release any information.

Contact us

Durham Campus
Tel: 0191 334 2200
Queen's Campus
Tel: 0191 334 0039

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