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Counselling Service

Counselling sessions

If at the end of your initial assessment meeting you decide, along with the counsellor, that counselling is the best form of support for you, you will be contacted and asked to complete a form to show us your availability. Once this is received by us we will arrange further sessions with an ongoing counsellor with the skill to support your specific needs. Please note - this may not be with the counsellor who conducted the assessment.

We offer time focused counselling.

Counselling sessions last for up to 50 minutes.

Your counsellor will discuss with you when and how often you will meet, depending on your situation.

Counselling is a joint process between you and the counsellor that requires your motivation and active participation.

Our counsellors acknowledge your right to choose the focus of your counselling sessions.

It is important to arrive on time as your counsellor will be working to an appointment system - sessions that start late will still need to finish on time.

NB All offers of appointments are conditional on being confirmed by a specified date/time. If the offer of an appointment is not confirmed by the appropriate time, the appointment time will be offered to a waiting student. You will be put back on the waiting list.

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