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Durham University

Counselling Service

Counselling & Mental Health Service Statistics

There is widespread interest in student mental health and in the support provision offered by Universities. We have collated a set of the most frequently requested data on the services offered by the Counselling & Mental Health Service at Durham University.

We have summarised data for the academic years 2014/15 – 2020/21 in the following tables:

The Counselling & Mental Health Service offers a range of services to students and staff. For the academic year 2018-20 we have produced an additional table of data to reflect the activities of

  • The Counselling and Psychological Wellbeing teams

  • The Mental Health Advisory Team

  • Training

Counselling & Mental Health Service Activity by Function

Additional notes on data:

The data is only on the use of the Counselling & Mental Health Service. Durham University has a wide range of support services, including Student Support Offices in our residential Colleges, academic advisors, mentors, chaplains, and our students who work as peer-support through their roles on College or Society committees. It is not possible for us to collate data on the support offered by this broad network. Students are signposted towards the Counselling Service for support when they are experiencing mental health difficulties, or are facing distress that is best-served by our specialist team.

We analyse data by academic year, from 1 October to 30 September. Support for our students frequently extends beyond a single term, so we do not collate data on a termly basis. Durham does not operate a semester programme.

We do not collect data on waiting times for services. Since 2017 students have completed Self-Referral Forms to access our support. Students receive a response to this form within two working days, and are offered the opportunity to book a first consultation online. We endeavour to see or speak to all self-referring students within a short time frame for an initial consultation.