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Durham University

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Calm to the Core

Calm to the Core sessions for Epiphany Term, 2020:

Calm to the Core is a series of classes to help you understand the link between mind and body and to develop the skills to manage your mood using breath and movement. Classes are offered without charge.

The classes are aimed particularly for students who experience anxious or stressful feelings. It is more than a relaxation class. It combines insights from counselling and psychotherapy with body-based methods for calming distress, but we will also look at how anxious, stressed feelings impact our capacity to work and study. We aim to equip with the skills to know what kinds of movements or breath patterns will support you if you feeling overwhelmed, lethargic, obsessive or hyper-stimulated.

We will offer one-off sessions on Saturdays at the Sports and Wellbeing Park (formerly known as Maiden Castle Sports Centre) in the aerobic studio. These will be two hour sessions.

1 February, 11am - 1pm

7 March, 11am - 1pm

Over the coming months we will develop online resources and handouts and add them to this page. We are also preparing some short films to assist in the practice of movement and breath exercises between sessions. We have answered some Frequently Asked Questions below, and there is a link to a short film we made last year for our first pilot programme

A short video from our Calm to the Core workshop is below.

Calm to the Core

Calm to the Core

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An introduction to our innovative approach to managing the symptoms of anxiety through movement and breath, to improve mood, concentration and sleep.