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Durham University

Computer Science


Publication details for Dr George Mertzios

Mertzios, G.B. & Spirakis, P.G. (2018). Strong bounds for evolution in networks. Journal of Computer and System Sciences 97: 60-82.

Author(s) from Durham


This work studies the generalized Moran process, as introduced by Lieberman et al. [Nature, 433:312-316, 2005]. We introduce the parameterized notions of selective amplifiers and selective suppressors of evolution, i.e. of networks (graphs) with many “strong starts” and many “weak starts” for the mutant, respectively. We first prove the existence of strong selective amplifiers and of (quite) strong selective suppressors. Furthermore we provide strong upper bounds and almost tight lower bounds (by proving the “Thermal Theorem”) for the traditional notion of fixation probability of Lieberman et al., i.e. assuming a random initial placement of the mutant.