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Durham University

Computer Science


Publication details for Professor Matthew Johnson

Hilton, A. J. W. & Johnson, Matthew. (2004). Amalgamations of factorizations of complete equipartite graphs. Discrete Mathematics 284(1-3): 157-175.

Author(s) from Durham


Let t be a positive integer, and let L=(l1,…,lt) and K=(k1,…,kt) be collections of nonnegative integers. A graph has a (t,K,L) factorization if it can be represented as the edge-disjoint union of factors F1,…,Ft where, for i=1,...,t Fi is ki-regular and at least li-edge-connected. In this paper we consider (t, K, L)-factorizations of complete equipartite graphs. First we show precisely when they exist. Then we solve two embedding problems: we show when a factorization of a complete σ-partite graph can be embedded in a (t, K, L)-factorization of a complete s-partite graph, σ<s, and also when a factorization of Ka,b can be embedded in a (t, K, L)-factorization of Kn,n. Our proofs use the technique of amalgamations of graphs.