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Durham University

Computer Science


Publication details for Professor Iain Stewart

Golovach, P., Paulusma, D. & Stewart, I.A. (2013), Graph editing to a fixed target, in Lecroq, T. & Mouchard, L. eds, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8288: International Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms. Rouen, France, Springer, Rouen, 192-205.

Author(s) from Durham


For a fixed graph H, the H-Minor Edit problem takes as input a graph G and an integer k and asks whether G can be modified into H by a total of at most k edge contractions, edge deletions and vertex deletions. Replacing edge contractions by vertex dissolutions yields the H-Topological Minor Edit problem. For each problem we show polynomial-time solvable and NP-complete cases depending on the choice of H. Moreover, when G is AT-free, chordal or planar, we show that H-Minor Edit is polynomial-time solvable for all graphs H.