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Welcome to Durham University's Common Awards website


Common Awards Core Regulations

This page provides links to the most current approved versions of each TEI's programme regulations. Information about the regulatory framework for the Common Awards is provided in the Core Regulations

Programme Regulations by TEI

Maintaining programme regulations

The links above provide the definitive list of the most up-to-date approved versions of each TEI's programme regulations. TEIs must ensure that they have the most current versions of the TEI programme regulations in their own records, and that staff and students can access the current documents. TEIs are responsible for ensuring that their programme regulations are accurate, and that they remain aligned with the relevant programme specification.

We advise TEIs to include a hyperlink to this webpage in their handbooks and other materials - rather than duplicating the content of the programme regulations - to avoid any confusion over the most up-to-date approved versions of the programme regulations.

Reviewing programme regulations

Programme regulations are reviewed annually as part of the Annual Self Evaluation process, and any changes are approved by the University prior to the start of each academic year. In a small number of exceptional cases, programme regulations may need to be amended in-year; in such circumstances, TEIs should propose any changes as early as possible through the curriculum development process.

Changing programme regulations

If a TEI wishes to propose changes to its programme regulations, it should submit a curriculum development request to amend its programme regulations (this constitutes a 'programme change'). All changes to the programme regulations must be considered for approval by Durham University.

It is essential that all future proposed changes to programme regulations are submitted on the most up-to-date and approved versions of the programme regulations documents (above), and that all proposed changes are marked clearly (preferably by 'track changes').

Programme regulations template

If your TEI is proposing to deliver a new programme, you will need to complete a new set of programme regulations for the proposed new programme. See our curriculum development pages for more information about the approval process, timescales, and the documents you will need to submit: Download the programme regulations template.

Learning & Teaching Handbook

Please see the Durham University Learning and Teaching Handbook for additional guidance.