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Staffing: Overview


1. This guidance uses the following terms:

(a) Core teachers: individuals who are appointed to permanent full-time or part-time contracts at the TEI.

(b) Associate teachers: individuals who are not core teachers, but are appointed to take responsibility for whole or part of a particular module, possibly (but not necessarily) on an on-going basis.

(c) Visiting teachers: individuals with no module-level responsibility but who may visit the TEI to deliver one or more ‘guest lectures’, or placement supervisors.

Staffing and the approval process

2. As part of the initial partnership and programme approval process, all TEIs were required to demonstrate the adequacy of their staffing in relation to the awards. All TEIs submitted information relating to their core and associate teachers, including details on qualifications, experience, and publications. The TEIs also submitted relevant policies and guidance.

3. The approval process explored aspects of staffing – including recruitment, appointment, induction, professional development, and staff appraisal or review – in order to ensure that each TEI had adequate staffing levels overall and within each sub-discipline, and that their staff were appropriately qualified, supported and developed.

Monitoring and review

4. TEI Management Committees are expected to monitor learning resources – including staffing resources – in relation to the quality and standards of the academic provision (see the Terms of Reference for TEI Management Committees). This responsibility is set out in the Standard Validation Contract, Appendix 1.

5. TEIs should inform the Common Awards Team of any anticipated staffing changes. The Standard Validation Contract (Section 6.6) specifies that the relevant University Liaison Officer should be invited to serve on the appointing committee for new staff to the TEI who will be teaching or examining on the Common Awards programmes. The University Liaison Officer’s role will be to ensure that the standards necessary for the continued validation of the programmes will be maintained. TEIs should contact the Common Awards Team to inform them of any interviews; we will determine whether it will be necessary for a University Liaison Officer to serve on the appointing committee. We anticipate that, in many cases, this will not be necessary. TEIs should ensure they provide the Common Awards Team with a draft job description before it is made public for any new staff appointment if the staff member will be teaching or examining on the Common Awards programmes, in order for it to be reviewed by the relevant University Liaison Officer. TEIs should ensure that they provide the draft job description in good time to permit their ULO to make comments before the job description is made public.

6. TEIs should retain the CVs and update the T9 template (‘Staff CV Summary Table’) following new appointments. TEIs are not required to submit new staff CVs to the Common Awards Team in-year. Up-to-date information on staffing will be required as part of the Periodic External Review process. The University may also request up-to-date staffing information as part of its routine monitoring and review processes.

7. TEIs will be asked to reflect on issues relating to staffing – especially professional development – as part of the Annual Self Evaluation process.