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Durham University

Welcome to Durham University's Common Awards website

Curriculum: Overview and Contents

The Common Awards curriculum has two ‘tiers’:

1. A common overarching framework developed by Ministry Division in consultation with TEIs:

2. Individual TEI pathways through the overarching programmes, as documented in:

The two-tier structure provides a common core and set of parameters to ensure that all programmes in the Common Awards Scheme are comparable, consistent, and coherent. Comparability and consistency is also ensured through overarching programme documents, such as assessment criteria and guidelines, and learning hours parameters.

Within this framework, TEIs have a degree of flexibility to develop pathways that are designed to meet the particular needs of their student body, denominational requirements, or institutional expertise. All the pathways are aligned with the overarching framework, and are documented in each TEI's programme regulations.

Reflecting this two tier structure, the Common Awards curriculum has been approved in two stages: (i) overarching programme approval (September 2013); (ii) TEI programme approval (November 2013 - April 2014).

Curriculum development

The curriculum development process permits changes to the Common Awards curriculum, and ensures that those changes are considered and approved at the most appropriate level. Find out more about:

Curriculum review

The Common Awards programmes are monitored regularly through the annual self evaluation process. Additionally, the programmes are reviewed as part of the periodic external review process.

The Common Awards Management Board is responsible for oversight and maintenance of the academic quality and standards of the suite of Common Awards programmes. Additionally, each TEI has a Management Committee that is responsible for overseeing the programmes it delivers, and reporting to the Management Board on the quality and standards of the educational provision for which the Management Committee is responsible.